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Professor Click accepts the position of spokesperson to promote Internet-based, computer-oriented and computer software products and services.

An official technology spokesperson helps build the brand and distinguishes your firm's products and services from the competition. Promoting and maintaining an image that encourages confidence in the quality and performance of your company’s products or services is crucial your brand.

The practice of internet marketing is constantly changing as technological strides can be implemented at lightning speed. The “faculty” of modern training companies are young and nimble and have no red-tape of formal institutions. Credibility is almost always in question as these over-night successes may not be replicated. This is where Professor Click comes in. Having a pedigree in technology is a big plus. A bona fide spokesperson is even better than having a great board member for your company.

Before launching your product or service, consider a professional spokesperson. Professor Click will act as your company representative and spokesperson and bring his contributions and expertise to your promotion.

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